FLUKE: Artist & Founder of ASHOP Productions

Driven by innovation and creation, Fluke is as much backroom mad-scientist as he is one of Montréals urban art frontrunners. Inspired by the graffiti culture that raised him, he's relentlessly compelled to perfect and expand his style with novel techniques and materials. Grounded in the local scene and inspired by international collaboration, he's been a major influence and presence in the global street art scene.


It’s been a long journey for the founder of Ashop, starting at the young age of 9, Fluke was mentored by the fathers of Montreal graffiti. Passion and perseverance have led him from his humble beginnings into becoming the powerhouse of talent that he is today. The bottom-line for him has always been a respect for the foundations of his art form as well as a professional approach to any mandate entrusted to him.  His knack for finding creative solutions has placed him as a trendsetter in the Canadian street art world. Always forward thinking he is quick to innovate new concepts, redrawing the lines while staying authentic to his unique brand and style.