DODO OSE: Artist 

Dodo Ose is a Montreal based graffiti and fine artist specialized in highly rendered surreal portraiture. 


Born in Lyon, Dodo was initiated to art at an early age, spending countless hours admiring the rich architecture of his native city. He spent his teenage years in the south of France, where he developed his artistic knowledge and taste for graffiti. He studied Fine Arts in Cannes and presented his first shows in galleries. In need of a challenge, he decided to pursue his career in Canada in 2010. In Montreal, he got carried away by the city’s creative atmosphere and found a real family within the Ashop and K6A crews, two multidisciplinary collectives. Through these connections, he developed his own style and created his own universe, blending aerosol painting with watercolors. He is constantly in search of innovating, as much in his technique as in the choice of his subjects. He creates artworks that combines the figurative and the imaginary. His work takes the public into a surrealistic universe, both romantic and oneiric, that exudes an edgy sense of humor with his own poetic touch.