FIVE8: Artist

Since 2008, Five Eight has developed a sharpened vision for color and composition. Clean cut and sleek lines, select mixed colors with transparency effects and light are now the basis of his work. Indeed, the light, very present in his work, inspired him to appropriate the neon universe into his creative process over the past two years.


FIVE EIGHT is a multidisciplinary artist, born and based in Montreal, Quebec. A fine-art painter since 2002, he favours a bold aesthetic over political commentary. His figurative murals and paintings feature dynamic compositions and vivid contrasting colours.

Having produced a series of neon-inspired paintings and murals, in 2014 he was inspired to produce real neon pieces. Under the mentorship of master glassblower, Gerald Collard, FIVE developed and perfected the skill of glass tube bending. He exhibited his first neon works in 2016.

While his painting work affects his approach to design with neon, his experience with neon affects his understanding and use of color and light. There is a communication between the two mediums taking place with each consequent work.

FIVE has exhibited work in Canada, United States, Estonia, Germany, Ireland and Israel. He is constantly striving to take on larger and more challenging projects. He is currently in the research and planning phase for a series of mixed media sculptural installations.