DRÉ:  Artist & Designer 


In 2003, Dré began painting graffiti on Montreal highways, tracksides and trains after being introduced to the medium by friends while studying Fine Arts in CEGEP. The idea of putting up unsolicited artwork in public coupled with a rebellious, anti-authoritarian attitude lead directly to the creation of Earth Crusher, the project for which Dré is most widely known. Ten years later, he joined the Ashop Crew with whom he has been applying his artistic vision to murals in cities across Canada and the United States. Dré also extends his vision to painting fine art and creating installations using wood and steel.


Created by Dré, the Earth Crusher character is inspired by the unscrupulous political and financial leaders of today’s world.

Earth Crusher aims to maximize the overall return to its shareholders by controlling and dominating all life on the planet – areas of expertise in which we have a clear competitive advantage. A fundamental part of this is to deliver value while operating in a non ethical and socially inept manner, and remaining committed to short term gain.

At Earth Crusher, there is always a suite of quality projects under development and a portfolio of global exploitation projects to ensure profitable development opportunities for the future. 

No other entity on Earth can guarantee the same investment security as Earth Crusher. With a complete lack of moral compass, he is able to concentrate solely on generating profit and nothing else.