concept - design - production

Ashop has a tried and tested process, designed to facilitate your experience throughout every step of your project. Our creative and production teams will be in constant communication with you to ensure that you stay up to date and informed on the progress, as well as to assist you with any questions or concerns you may encounter along the way.


Step 1: Evaluation

Before starting, we must evaluate the worksite in order to allocate the proper ressources to ensure the longevity and quality of the artwork. This step is crucial preparation that will ensure the planning and production phase run smoothly. This is especially true of outdoor murals where understanding the environmental factors and wall condition will allow for a proper surface preparation and the use of the correct materials. Ashop differentiates itself from the competition thanks to our team of seasoned veterans (specialists) who each have over 15 years of experience in the field. Once your evaluation is complete, our team will then draft up a proposal for your approval.

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STEP 2: conceptualization

This phase will sow the seeds that will grow into your masterpiece. Our team will sit down with you in order to understand and capture your vision, as well as brainstorm creative approaches to your concept. If you do not already have a clear idea for your design, our professionals will assist you by proposing different inspirations that will help guide you. Once we zero in to your preferences, we are ready to crystallize your vision.



Once the concept has been clearly defined, it is time to hit the drawing board. We will draft a proposal, or series of proposals, in order to make sure you are entirely satisfied with the artwork before proceeding to production. A photoshop mock up will be presented to you to give you a preview of what the project will look like. You will then be able to give your revisions or modifications until everything is just perfect. Once the final presentation is approved, it is time to bring your project to life. (ONE MOCK UP THREE REVISIONS INCLUDED????)



STEP 4: Production

The production phase is where the real magic happens. Our production manager will take care of setting everything up for you, and keep you informed on our progress. Everything from materials purchasing, rentals, permits, worksite setup and surface preparation will be handled by our team. Your worksite will be fully protected in order to make sure that it stays in mint condition throughout the entire process. 



STEP 5: WRap up


Once everything is done our team will make sure to clean up the worksite and document the final piece. Nothing will be left behind save for your new masterpiece!