Degrees of perfect LENNOX

#DegreesOfPerfect is a first-of-its-kind exhibition of art and engineering. The result of our unique collaboration with HVAC manufacturer Lennox Air. A revolutionary new approach to muralism that uses temperature reactant paint in order to offer a whole new layer of possibility for our artists.


For last year's #lennoxartproject we painted some murals that were animated using digital projections. The project was amazing, and by the end of it we were already brainstorming ideas for the 2016 campaign. Then during a creative brainstorm with Kyle from GSD&M (The firm in charge of #lennoxartproject) the Eureka moment happened. We would use thermochromic paint for our murals. A paint influenced by the very element that Lennox excels at controlling. However, it had never yet reached its full potential by being used in a fine arts context. The fit was perfect.

Using a new technology opened up a world of opportunity for us. We now had a chance to express a whole new dimension to our artwork. The element of duality and transition  really inspired the central theme for the project. We used this angle to create five transformative murals that represent the five pillars at Lennox: Purity, Solar, Adaptive, Quiet, and Balance. 

Krzysztof Wilk