MONK-E: Artist

If you mix creativity and hard work, you most likely get something close to Monk.E. This polyvalent Street Artist from Montreal is creating his own empowering movement with art and reaches out to every community he visits with his poetry..


One of the emblematic figures of the hip-hop landscape in Quebec, Monk.e has undeniably inherited a gift, both in terms of prose and urban painting. Since its beginnings in the world of graffiti and music with the collective Ashop and K6A, Monk.e has been able to impose its artistic vision and this, independently of the imperatives of the industry. His first album titled Remédium / their Medium (2005) was part of the backpacker tradition, as much by the nature of the topics covered as by the musical backgrounds on which the texts were spitting. Perpetually nomadic, he multiplies the international musical collaborations as well as the friendships overseas between 2003 and 2007. The fruit of his voyages is heard through the albums Amérythmes (2007), Tour de France (2008) and InCUBAtion (2011).