FONKi is an artist from Montreal. He was born in France of Cambodian parents, who were refugees of the Khmer Rouge genocide, in the 70s. At 15 years old, FONKi discovers graffiti. He gradually grows into one of the most prominent figures in Montreal’s new generation of graffiti artists.His art becomes his oyster – as it brings FONKi around the world. He paints murals in France, Cambodia, Belgium, England, Mexico, Vietnam, the United States… Everywhere he goes, he paints giant portraits depicting local people. These anonymous faces communicate deeply touching expressions and have become FONKi’s signature. From the walls to the canvas, FONKi managed to adapt his art from the street to galleries. He is the guest of prestigious exhibitions, including by Christie’s, the famous arts auction house. Nowadays, collectors from Europe, North America and Asia own some of his work.